Multifilament or continuous filament yarns are produced by the continuous extrusion of synthetic resins. The filament bunches, which have a smooth surface are twisted together to form the yarn using an S or Z turn. Increased twisting will reduce blinding (particle retention within the yarn structure) while also decreasing collection efficiency. Multifilament yarns have high tensile strength and average particle collection efficiency. Filter cake release is average.
Monofilament yarns are single heavier extrusions. These extrusions are smooth, have high tensile strength and in some cases are modified with fillers. Monofilament yarn has excellent cake release properties and resistance to blinding. Monofilament yarns have low particle collection efficiency.
Staple (Spun) yarns are continuously extruded synthetic filaments chopped into short lengths. These short fibers are combed and twisted using a cotton or woolen manufacturing system (woolen yarn has a higher bulk). These staple (or spun) fibers have low tensile strength and a large surface area. Particle retention is excellent and cake release poor.
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