Leading Manufacturer :

ARTLINE, manufacturers of high quality nylon and polyester Mono Filament Screen Printing Fabrics in India, has been at your service For last 20 years. Today it is specialized in the manufacture and distribution of technically superior Mono Filament Screen Printing Fabrics for various Industrial applications. ARTLINE, a higher Mesh Mono Filament Screen Printing Fabrics has update technology, specially developed to suit all types of climates and conditions.

Fields of Application :

ARTLINE has widespredd application in today's world namely, Industrial Screen Printing, Graphic Screen Printing, Textile Printing Circuit Printing, Membrane Swithches, T-shirt, Ceramic printing, Object Printing, Bottle Printing, etc.

Finest Mesh Count :

ARTLINE, plant has well equipped Machineries backed with highly skilled technical excellence and human Expertiese. Modern techniques permit weaving with finer threads and high mesh count in Plain weaves (1:1)PW & Twill weaves (2:1)TW. Finest mesh is ideal suit for thin ink-deposit Reduced ink depost means lower ink cost and increased application speed.

Range of Mesh :

In nylon & Polyester Mono Filament Screen Printing Fabrics we have a Range from 20 mesh to 355 mesh.

       ARTLINE, since its establishment, has earned reputation for Excellence in the manufacture of high quality Mono Filament Screen Printing Fabrics and now it even match International Standards. It stands in equal status with Swiss quality Mono Filament Screen Prinitng Fabrics.

In a light grad "S" with comparatively thin threads and a large open area.
In a medium heavy duty grade "T"
In a heavy grade "HD" with small open area.
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